Firebase + Google

Big news, summarized by TechCrunch: Google Acquires Firebase To Help Developers Build Better Real-Time Apps

Firebase and Google need each other in order to make real-time happen in a way that is economically viable. The scale Google can provide cannot be understated and will be discussed endlessly.

From my amazing and hellish experience I learned that home-brew real-time apps — even if depending largely on open-source infrastructure — are very, very difficult to architect, to build, and to run reliably in scale. Firebase provides a “lower initial investment” way to run alive apps, and a huge community of developers have come to love their stack.

One obvious risk to using Firebase is lock-in (as with any service-framework amalgamation), and now this lock-in could include developers having to move to the Google cloud at some point. But this is also a reduction of risk; many who have invested development in Firebase can now be assured that for a longer span of time their system will be supported.

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Near-Eye Light Field Display

This 2013 technology demo from Nvidia Research shows how true depth perception can be generated within the confines of a head-mounted display.

This light-field-based approach to near-eye display allows for dramatically thinner and lighter head-mounted displays capable of depicting accurate accommodation, convergence, and binocular-disparity depth cues. The near-eye light-field displays depict sharp images from out-of-focus display elements by synthesizing light fields that correspond to virtual scenes located within the viewer’s natural accommodation range.

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