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Growing up among Hollywood filmmakers gave me a bit of a filmmaker’s eye, and the crumbling corners and endless lanes of Los Angeles are one of the best regions to film in. But criss-crossing the long boulevards of Detroit and its endless surrounds, I often felt like a film location scout. There are stories to be told in places where it can feel like you are nowhere.

“Only Lovers Left Alive”


“It Follows”

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Creating a Houseparty

The Verge covered the story behind Houseparty, recently outed as a Meerkat project. The key to Houseparty’s success may be starting with a question: what do users want to do within the context of a live video stream?

Their answer: create an enduring place where members of a group friends can pop in and pop out.

That Meerkat itself has been having problems with the premise of one-to-many broadcasting speaks to the importance of understanding the psychology of your users. Meerkat’s survival depends on “building the right thing” given the well-funded competition from Twitter and Facebook; marketing and operational perfection gives off-tune apps a lot of leeway to take hold.

The underdog has to be right because little else is going for him.

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Streams, Generalized

Kevin Lawler’s Streams is a useful bit of perspective, going beyond the computer science concept of streams to discuss the streams that are part of life.

The bills that come in the mail are a stream. If you play guitar every day, that’s a stream. Going out for ice cream is a spike, but grocery shopping is a stream. Your hearbeat is a stream. Fifteen minutes of fame is a spike.

Source: Streams

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