Squeezing More Lens Into Your VR Headset

Gizmodo posted a fantastic article about the VR platform and content being developed at Magic Leap. At the core of what may drive their augmented reality tech is a new kind of lens for scanning and projecting.


Scanning laser projectors sweep one or more beams of luminance-
modulated light in a scan pattern to form an image. The approach
offers a number of advantages in the construction of 3D displays,
compared with conventional matrix-based display technologies
such as LCD, DLP, and OLED. Because the image is formed by a
single scanning pixel rather than an array of pixels, scanning laser
displays can enable significant display miniaturization that is
decoupled from display resolution.

Source: 3D Displays using Scanning Laser Projection
Brian T. Schowengerdt, Richard S. Johnston, C. David Melville, Eric J. Seibel Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA