Alex Kipman Does It Again: The HoloLens

Minecraft in your living room.

Minecraft in your living room.

Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens, an AR headset with a built-in computer. You’ll have to wait until Win10 is out before purchasing one.

In the demo video, Skype and Minecraft are used, as well as various utilities and 3D creative tools. As it has in the past, Microsoft leverages their software offerings and overall platform in order to strengthen the market position of their hardware.

Yet even with this latest device, MS continues to strongly encourage and incentivize other hardware vendors to participate.

“We’ve worked on this program for years …Oculus, Magic Leap, Google Glass developers, we humbly invite you, come develop software with us.”
- Alex Kipman
Source: Polygon article by Megan Farokhmanesh.

The info-tech industry rocks our world yet again, bringing to fruition ideas that have been in the primordial soup of academia and R&D labs for decades.