You Feel Grounded There

Human psychology will ultimately define the attributes of VR and AR that will finally to come together to create a believable experience, and a viable product.

SteamVR allows the user to walk freely around a small virtual space, demarcated by a couple of light-emitting base stations. It’s no exaggeration to say that this freedom completely transforms the VR experience.

It’s the difference between having a viewport into a virtual world and being in it. Your physical, sensory and emotional connection to the software is on another level altogether. You feel grounded there. My memories of playing Elite on Oculus Rift are images – the memories of playing a game. My memories of Valve’s VR demos feel more like memories of places I’ve visited.

Source: Valve’s astounding SteamVR solves big problems – and poses bigger questions

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The Vive Seems To Be Taking The Cake

From the numerous reactions of floored amazement, HTC/Valve’s Vive seems to have surpassed the other contenders.

The key features that enable a more complete VR experience:

Lighthouse: extremely precise body and head-gear position-tracking via two wall-mounted sensors.

SteamVR Controllers: dual controllers for touch and motion, the positions of which are also precisely tracked.

Valve/HTC Vive
Source: HTC Vive: Virtual Reality That’s So Damn Real I Can’t Even Handle It

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Databases That Push Changes Outward

Developers of real-time apps and underlying infrastructure spend considerable time engineering ways to proliferate state changes to and from clients. It might be helpful if the database would take care of this.

Martin Kleppmann posted about a talk he gave about apache sanza and the notion of an “unbundled db”. One key rationale he gives for his proposed db architecture is to better facilitate clients being able to subscribe to data changes (as opposed to the querying / polling that traditionally occurs in apps).

Kleppman cited RethinkDB’s changefeeds as an example implementation, as well as websocket services such as meteor.

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